Trailer for Penny From Heaven

Seagull Stories

SEAGULL STORIES follows the adventures of two talking seagulls, Ed and Rooster. Don't forget to watch all the way to the end. There's always more comedy after the end credits :-)

Miss Winn's Garden Trailer

A dramatic series that explores real-life problems and situations faced by foster parents, foster children and social workers. Miss Winn is a former social worker who is disillusioned with the system, but not with the children. She tends to her garden of foster children, humanity's forgotten seedlings. See more about Miss Winn's Gardern here →

A Cup of Tea

A Cup of Tea: Co-writer (with Cat Stewart) and executive producer of drama short, Amaru Films (California.) 2013. 



Not all lessons are learned in a lifetime.

Some souls need more time before they are ready to move on. In LIMBO, a small group of people wait for a temperamental elevator to go....somewhere. A spunky custodian helps these lost souls on their journey towards redemption.


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